As every superhero knows, your real identity is your most valuable possession. Not only does it protect you from harm, but it also protects your parents, family, friends, and favorite kindergarten teacher from being used as bait. Under no circumstances should you ever reveal your birth name, birthdate, social security number, or, for good measure, your childhood ice cream preferences.

Your First Line of Defense

Masks are essential to protecting your identity, but they’re also downright stylish. Let’s face it: spandex tights can only look so great, so a well-designed mask is key to cutting a good figure out there. Protect your anonymity with a classic superhero mask. (On a side note, they are wonderfully comfortable.) Download these superhero mask templates to protect your identity!

Superhero Mask Template

  • Cardstock, cardboard, or craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Elastic string or elastic band
  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue
  • Glitter, sequins, foam stickers, felt: and all superhero "bling"


1 Draw a mask shape on a piece of card stock, cardboard, or craft foam. (If you need help

getting the right shape, you can photocopy or trace one of the templates to the right.)

Cut out the mask, then ask an adult to help cut out the eyeholes for you.

2 Using a hold punch, cut a pair of holes, one of each side of the mask. Cut a length of

elastic string (about 12 inches long) and tie one end through each hole.

3 Color your mask. Decorate with glitter, sequins, foam stickers, etc. Allow to dry completely

before trying on.

4 Slip on your superhero mask. (It should fi t snugly but not too tight.) Adjust the length of

the elastic if necessary so you are comfortable and well disguised.

5 Save the world!

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