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We're a different kind of publisher with a different kind of internship.
Publishing is a fun and exciting industry, and with the rise of digital media is undergoing some dramatic changes. Familius is a small company, so an internship with us means you’ll be on the frontlines of all the changes—forget pushing papers and getting others coffee. As a Familius intern, you’ll be free to edit manuscripts, create digital content, and explore the world of publishing, all under the guidance of other team leaders. And by the end of your internship, you can expect to see your very own work appear online and in bookstores around the country.

What kinds of internships are available?
Marketing & Public Relations (6 months)
In a world with fewer bookstores, successful marketing and promotion is critical. Learn the mechanics of book, event, and PR marketing, and get your feet wet in one of today's most dynamic industries.

The Project Develop and execute marketing plans for key Familius titles.
Number of Positions 2
Hours 10-15 hours per week, but those hours can be freely scheduled around school and other activities.
Compensation $300 stipend
Location Sanger, CA preferred, but qualified interns may work remotely.
What You'll Learn
  • Create a marketing plan tailored to key Familius titles.
  • With the help of the marketing manager, refine and execute your marketing plans.
  • Assist marketing manager with account research, press releases, and other marketing tasks.
  • Help promote and coordinate author events across the country.
When are the internships offered?
Spring Internship Program
Internship Begins January 1
Internship Ends June 30
Application Deadline November 30
Fall Internship Program
Internship Begins July 1
Internship Ends December 31
Application Deadline May 31
How do I apply to the program?
Ready to become part of the family? Just click the button below to access the internship application.

How can I get more information?
Feel free to contact us anytime. We'd be more than happy to talk with you about our internship programs.

Check out some of the amazing work our interns have done:

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