Helping families be happy

Frequent Questions

What kind of books, articles, and videos does Familius publish?

Familius publishes content for marriage, parenting, family fun, health and wellness, and education. To live in a family you must have a sense of humor, so we publish humorous and quirky family content as well.

Where is Familius located and how can I contact you?

Our headquarters are in the beautiful and agriculturally-rich Central Valley of California. However, with technological innovations, Familius is worldwide with staff and authors across the globe. We believe geography should hold no constraint for those who wish to help families be happy.

Familius LLC
1254 Commerce Way
Sanger, CA 93657
Tel: 559-876-2170
Fax: 559-876-2180

For customer service please call 559-876-2170 or email us at orders@familius.com. Familius distributes itself to the book trade and uses the following groups to facilitate sales: For the U.S.: Book Travelers West, Fujii Associates, Parson Weems, Southeast Book Travelers. For the gift market: The Barron Collection and A Row Sales. For Canada: Raincoast Books. For the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa: Exisle Publishing. For full ordering information, including freight and discount schedules, please review our Ordering Information.

Do you offer premium sales?

If you are interested in bulk purchases for corporate gifts or marketing initiatives please email us at specialmarkets@familius.com.

How do I get permissions to use images/copy or translation, performance, merchandising, bookclub/bookfair, reprint, electronic or other rights from one of your books?

Please contact us and explain your specific interest by emailing subrights@familius.com.

How do I submit a book idea?

We are always looking for new books to publish! To submit a book proposal, please send a cover letter, book outline, and a few sample chapters to bookideas@familius.com. Due to the volume of entries, it may take several weeks for us to respond to your proposal.

How can I contact one of your authors?

If you have need to contact one of our authors or contributors, please email your specific request to frontdesk@familius.com.

How can I get a review copy of one of your books?

If you need a review copy for any of our titles, please fax in your request to 559-876-2180 on your company letterhead. Please include your mailing, UPS, address and email address. Familius traditionally sends e-book versions for review.