Andrea Davis is the Book Promotions Leader at—a website dedicated to helping “deliberate” moms become the mothers and people they want to be. She is also an author (Deliberate Motherhood) and a teacher, having taught both junior high and college courses. While she isn’t currently teaching, she strives to be a teacher in the homewhich, according to her Power of Moms profile, “frequently smells like fresh bread simply because she likes good food!” We thank her for her time and willingness to share her story, her insights, and her take on what it means to be a “deliberate mother.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a first generation off-the-farm gal who exchanged the beauty of a home in the Grand Tetons for a life in the Midwest, where my husband works as an engineer. We have five children: four girls and one boy. I have taught junior high and college courses, but most of my teaching experience has come from the daily interactions with my children as a stay-at-home mother. I love to cook, to be outdoors, and to read books. I’ve become the lady at the local library with a bright yellow crate packed full of books for the family. I also love to serve and help people.

My husband and I have always considered ourselves a team, and this holds true with our children. Whether we’re taking dinner to a friend, gardening, practicing Spanish, jumping on the trampoline, or singing songs, we’re doing it together.

How did Power of Moms start?

April Perry and Saren Loosli were two moms who were looking for a way to connect with like-minded women and give back to their community of mothers. What started as a simple website and a tiny email list has grown over the past eight years to include an amazing board of more than thirty-five volunteers, four hundred Power of Moms ambassadors, a weekly podcast that reaches more than five thousand moms with every episode, and books that are touching hearts around the globe.

What does it mean to be a “deliberate mother”?

A deliberate mother is a mother who knows the importance of her role. She not only has a vision of what she would like her family to become, but she works to make it happen. She understands that it is a process. Just as a painting is realized stroke by stroke; family traditions, routines, and systems come together through trial and error . . . and a whole lot of effort.

A deliberate mother listens to and learns from other mothers. She understands that there is no one single right way to mother. She works to serve her children, while nourishing the mother within.

How do you hope Deliberate Motherhood will uplift moms?

The authors of Deliberate Motherhood want other mothers to know they are not alone. April Perry, one of the co-directors of Power of Moms, often reminds mothers that they can thrive as a mother, not just survive. Deliberate Motherhood is a not just a mother’s survival guide; it is a book designed to help mothers thrive. It uplifts mothers by allowing them to know that it’s okay to feel tired and weak sometimes and that it’s okay to say that motherhood is just plain hard. Deliberate Motherhood reminds mothers to learn from their mistakes and then to find purpose (perhaps over and over again!) in motherhood.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Mothers need all the encouragement we can get. We live in such a fast-paced society where much is expected. It is easy to feel like we can’t keep up or we don’t measure up. I am grateful for resources such as Power of Moms and Familius, who are both voices reminding us that motherhood is worth it.

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