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A Couple's Guide to Happy Retirement (Audiobook)

For Better or For Worse . . . But Not For Lunch

Book Description

A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement is the most comprehensive book devoted entirely to relationship issues in retirement. Not a treatise on money management this is a much-needed guide to the psychological aspects of retirement and how to make your retirement relationship happy, fruitful, loving, and successful. Written by Dr. Sara Yogev, a psychologist specializing in work and family issues, and drawing from actual accounts from retired couples, this book: Helps you prepare emotionally for the dramatic life changes during retirement; Coaches you to find new purposes to your life beyond work; Nurtures the relationship with your companion to strengthen your friendship and love; Explores sexuality after retirement and how you can enjoy each other as much as you did as a younger couple; Recommends strategies to successfully deal with differences around money, time together versus apart, housework, and family relationships.It is crucial that couples prepare themselves and their marriages psychologically for what could very well comprise a quarter of their lives. “My goal in writing this updated second edition,” writes Dr. Yogev, “is to help retirees find a way to live together happily in retirement age and to have a smooth transition to this life phase.” “The Gray Divorce Phenomenon” or divorce among those 50 years old and older, says Dr. Yogev, provides a cautionary lesson for every couple entering retirement. While overall national divorce rates have declined since spiking in the 1980's, gray divorce has risen to its highest level on record. In 1990 only 1 in 10 people who got divorced was 50 or older, by 2009 the number was roughly 1 in 4. More than 600,000 people ages 50 and older got divorced in 2009.While people devote much time and energy to financial planning for retirement they often neglect to plan and prepare for the psychological and emotional aspects of this change. “Because of the recent economic downturn people are searching for the right mix of money with meaning, of profits with purpose; they seek an intersection of continued income, with purpose and impact, something they will be remembered for.” This book helps you and your relationship in achieving that.

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Sara Yogev
Sara Yogev, PH.D., is a psychologist providing individual and couples psychotherapy. For the past three decades, she has also conducted workshops, written, lectured, and been interviewed professionall...

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