No. of Pages : 256
ISBN: 9781938301995
Released : 6/17/2014

The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook

Activities, Recipes, and Stories from All 50 States
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Book Description

With more than 150 recipes from across America, The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook provides a culinary, coast-to-coast adventure and helps families of every background and every size provide the most important element of any reunion—the food. Author Lori Nawyn spent over a year interviewing residents from each state, exploring their stories and their food to identify what was the quintessential recipe for that perfect family gathering. Whether from the Louisiana Bayou to the Black Hills of South Dakota or from the rugged landscape of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the beautiful farmland of New England, the recipes capture the essence of what it means to renew family love and relationship. Nawyn has also coupled the recipe collection with practical advice and creative activities to help organize and host an unforgettable family reunion.

About the Author

Lori Nawyn
Lori Nawyn is an award-winning writer, illustrator and graphic designer whose key passion in life is to help others discover their own unique inner strengths. She is the author of the novel My Gift to...

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