No. of Pages : 62
eISBN: 9781939629906
Released : 2/2/2013

Predator Proof Your Child

What You Need to Know to Protect Your Kids
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Book Description

We all want to keep our kids safe from predators. No one wants to think of his or her child falling victim to a man—or woman—with a twisted agenda, a man or woman whose attentions to the child proceed from sinister desires. And yet, short of keeping your child locked up in the proverbial ivory tower or not ever letting your child out of your sight, you can’t keep him or her away from the world out there. How do you keep your child safe? Cynthia MacGregor, author of more than 100 books, provides much-needed information and guidelines to help your children be safe in an ever more dangerous world. She explores the faces of today’s predators and their strategies. She provides basic rules of safety for children, tweens, and teenagers. She also explores online safety, basic self-defense, and how to talk with your child frankly about the real dangers that exist. Predator Proof Your Child: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Kids is an essential guide for any parent who wants to understand current dangers and how to educate, warn, and protect her child. 

About the Author

Cynthia MacGregor
Cynthia has over 100 books to her credit, many of them for parents or kids, many of which help with difficult situations. These include The Divorce Helpbook for Teens, The Divorce Helpbook for Kids, A...

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